International Communist Union


Our Platform

Marxism is our ideological and theoretical base.

The movement of our history from tribal communism to complete communism is a process which creates material conditions for building universal communist society. Setting such a society will lead not to the end of the history but to the beginning of the conscious history of the mankind.

Present capitalist method of production differs from all the previous by its world-wide and overall character and by the sharpening of class contradictions. Capitalism at the same time creates conditions for building communism. The development of communism inevitably assists the developing of its contradictions, causes and strengthens the social power a historical mission of which is to abolish the capitalist system and to found communism - proletariat. The limit of capital is capital itself!

While developing present capitalism provides more and more destructive means for settling its contradictions. During the two world wars we lost 60 millions of human lives. A new world war, future military blocks of which begin to form themselves at present, will not only generate to big calamities but will threaten to the mankind’s existence. In this situation there is the only alternative: socialism or barbarity, the world communist revolution or the collapse of the world.

The Paris Commune of 1871 was the first proletariat’s attempt to bring the revolution into the epoch in which conditions for this revolution were not quite mature. The October revolution of 1917 in Russia was the first step of the genuine world communist revolution to the international revolutionary wave which drew the imperialist war to its close. Defeat of this revolutionary wave, especially in Germany in 1919-23, doomed the revolution in Russia to the isolation and quick degeneration. Stalinism became a grave-digger of the October revolution.

State system of regimes, which under the name “socialist” or “communist” appeared in the USSR, East Europe, China, Cuba, Northern Corea etc., was and still is capitalist. In such countries the main ideology adopted “marxist” rhetoric, taken from the communist programme, to cover up its bourgeois nature. Where there is wage labour there is capital.


Our Principles

  1. We refuse every opportunity of building socialist society within a nation’s boarders. Following the traditions of the communist movement, we think that the task to free the working class and all the workers is the task of the united working class of the world and it is possible to solve it only on the road to the world proletarian revolution. Not the struggle for narrowly national interests of the countries, but the unity of the revolutionary struggle of workers all the world over under the leadership of the international revolutionary party should be opposed to the globalisation of the world capitalist economy. The goal of the communist fight is not providing a nation and its state with happiness but using productive forces created by capitalism to build overall classless society - communism. Communism requires special conditions for withering away of capitalist social relations: wage labour, production of goods, national boarders. It requires stating world association, the work of which is oriented to meet the public’s needs.
  2. The instrument of such a stating is the universal dictatorship. With the help of it the working class creates conditions for withering away the state and classes.
  3. A revolutionary political organization forms a proletarian vanguard, an active factor to disseminate class-consciousness into the working-class environment. The van’s role is to organize different forms of fighting into the unified communist revolutionary struggle. Communists are remarkable for understanding general class interests, what finds expression in their actions. Communists are the most successively organized power in view of necessity for the communist movement to have a true world centralized guidance.
  4. Numerous imperialist wars, within XX century in fatal clash between the states, small or large, for a gain or the preservations of a place on the international arena, in more and more wide scale bore and bear to mankind only death and destruction. The working class can answer them only with international solidarity and struggle against bourgeoisie in all countries.
  5. At the same time numerous revolutionary and national liberation wars promoted to significant progress of mankind, involving in process of independent capitalist development the young states, developing in them a national industry and quick-growing proletariat. However, the globalization process of world economy has seriously changed this process. Any country of the world can not more develop by a high-grade image own economy being not poured in common process of its globalization. Therefore any war of liberation can not already ensure to any people national independence, and liberation movements more and more become puppets of those or others imperialist groupings. In these conditions even more, than ever becomes to a correct principle, on which any recognition of the right of nations on its self-determination, as though it was correct basically, should not serve to submission of that or other national group of a working class "own" bourgeoisie. This right should be used by the revolutionary workers of the imperialist states, to conduct struggle against suppression by the own national capital, of small and maintained nations. The slogan of working all nations, small or large: the main enemy - own national capital, the victory is possible only in unity of workers of all nationalities.
  6. Any national ideology - such as “national independence”, “cultural autonomy” -, which ever a pretext to it would be, ethnic, historical or religious, is a real poison for workers. With an aim to make them take one or other bourgeois fraction’s position, this ideology sets workers of different nations against each other and leads to the mature destruction for their exploiters’ good.
  7. All the bourgeois fractions are reactionary. To defend itself from the revolutionary attacks bourgeoisie always resorted to social-democratic and left fractions as a form of maintaining a bourgeois state. All the so-called “working-class”, “socialist”, “communist” parties, left organizations (trotskists, maoists and anarchists) form the left wing of the capitalist apparatus. Any tactics of “public front” mixes the interests of the proletariat with those of bourgeois fractions’ and serves to loiter the proletarian struggle.
  8. Terrorism in any case is not a means of the working-class struggle. It is expression of various strata of society, deprived of the future history. It is always a good soil for bourgeoisie’s manipulations. Preaching secret actions of a small minority it is in an opposition to the class violence which grows out of the proletariat’s mass conscious organized actions.

Our Historical Succession

Revolutionary organizations’ positions and activity are the product of previous working-class experience and the lessons derived from this experience.

ICU is responsible for the consecutive contribution made by Marx and Engels’s Communist Union (1847-52), three Internationals (International Comradeship of Workers, 1864-72, Socialist International, 1884-1914, Communist International, 1919-24), left fractions which manifested themselves in 1920-30 after isolating from the 3-d International when it degenerated.