International Communist Union

Our Nearest Tasks

We have to start our movement practically from nought. The revolutionary movement of the XX century was sunk in blood by Stalinist counter-revolution, and Marxism as a science about freeing the proletariat was covered by Stalinist and CPSUís distortions.

The development of working movement in present Russia is just beginning, its first steps were strikes of 80-s. The working class hasnít yet realized its unity and antagonism between its interests and the ones of bourgeoisieís. A present worker prefers to ďescapeĒ alone with the help of primitive natural household. Thatís why modern workers practically without any engagement miss the rights upheld by their forerunners.

Proceeding from it we face the following tasks:

  1. To discuss questions on the theory and politics, organization and practical fulfilling our work. To clarify Marxism husks of Stalinist and other distortions; to propagate orthodox Marxism.
  2. To analyse present-day economic and political situation.
  3. To analyse spontaneous working movements and the conditions of the workers.
  4. To set and develop contacts and interactions between Marxist organizations all the world over, to learn the history of the working-class movement in the West.
  5. To unite all the local Marxist groups by means of a common paper to reach the higher step of propaganda, agitation and organization.
  6. To disseminate agitation and propaganda (especially political against all forms of oppression) to develop peopleís self-consciousness. Agitation must serve as a means of political protest and more organized forms of political struggle.
  7. To link up Marxism and the working-class movement. To inculcate Marxist ideas into the proletariat and to organize a revolutionary party indissolubly tied with the spontaneous working-class movement.
  8. To take part in the political struggle, as there cannot be any political bringing-up without political actions. To create the program of the party.

To fulfil all these tasks we must pay particular attention to the fact that special goals of our activity and single ways of struggle should not become self-sufficing and that preparatory work should not be major and the only one we do. To promote political development and organization of the working class is our main task.

We need to teach people devoting not only their free evenings but all their lives to the revolution. We need to prepare our organization as much big to carry out a division of labour.

We donít tie our hands, donít make our labour narrow by any plan thought beforehand or some method of political struggle,- we admit all the ways of fight if they correspond to our capacities and give an opportunity to gain the best results possible under the present circumstances.